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What Makes an HUD Foreclosure Home Different?

There are many benefits to buying an HUD home foreclosure versus that of a bank-owned foreclosure. So, then what is the difference between an HUD foreclosure home and bank owned foreclosures? The answer is really quite simple, and may provide a major benefit for your next home purchase.
an HUD foreclosure home are simply 1-4 unit residential properties that have been acquired by and are owned by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) versus those owned by a private lender or bank which have been foreclosed on.
Ultimately, when a foreclosure takes place, the one who is left with the property wants to get rid of it so that they can recuperate most of their losses and move forward.
One of the biggest benefits for purchasing an HUD foreclosure home has to do with, ultimately, the purchase price. An HUD foreclosure home can cost significantly less that those owned by the banks.
In order to find out what HUD home foreclosure listings are in your area, you can go to the HUD internet listing website ( and find listings in your area.
Once you have found some properties which you feel you may be interested in, simply contact your real estate agent. Remember that an HUD foreclosure home must be purchased through a real estate professional who is authorized to sell HUD homes.
If you do not have a real estate agent, you may also find a housing counselor through the HUD at (
Nearly anyone can purchase an HUD foreclosure home so long as they have the money and/or can qualify for a loan.
Normally, an HUD foreclosure home are available to those in need of a primary residence, first. Then, once there are not buyers for a primary residence, the an HUD foreclosure home can be sold to any buyer, including investors in an HUD foreclosure home.
In addition, there are also programs that are designed to assist in terms of reduced prices for professionals in law enforcement, firefighting, teaching, non-profit organizations, local government and more.
If you feel you may be entitled to some of the benefits to working in these r similar industries, then you may want to look into what benefits you may be able to receive by visiting the HUD website at
For everyone else, there are many, many benefits for many in purchasing an HUD foreclosure home and the opportunities seem to be endless though searching online at the listing database which is constantly being updated daily.
Not only does buying an HUD foreclosure home help those in need of a new home, but it also helps our local government recover any losses it may have incurred or may be facing due to the an HUD foreclosure home currently on the market.

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